setup vpn for Apple

How to create VPN (PPTP) connection (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad)?

VPN for Apple ( setup) :

set up Android1 – Choose “Settings” from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad home screen
2 – Choose “General”
3 – Choose “Network”
4 – Choose “VPN”
5 – Choose “Add VPN Configuration”
6 – Choose “PPTP” and configure your VPN like below:

Description:  NoodleVPN
Server:   IP Address
Account:  Your vpn username
Password: Your VPN password
Encryption level:  Auto
Send All Traffic:  ON

Use IP address that we sent it on your vpn info .

Note: This article is old.  Apple company does not support PPTP at latest OS versions. connect to Ikev2 or IPSec ( IPSec XAUTH).