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Yesterday (9 /Nov), our Radius server was attacked for several hours, but we could solve the issue and now all servers are Up and works fine.
If you get an Error the App (NoodleVPN App), so close the App and open it again.
If you have any problem again, please open a Ticket about your problem ( please remember send us VPN username and the problem exactly), Ticket:

Also you can connect by Noodlevpn.pbk (it is for Windows):

Please note: Each location and protocol (service) is different for each User (client) in the Speed and Ping, for example maybe Sweden VPN has a high speed for a user in England but has bad speed for other user in China ( for the far distance), so you must try to find the location and protocol which works fine for you.

In recent days we added new servers from Spain, Italy , Rochester ( a city in USA) and Hong Kong, you can connect the locations by PPRP and L2TP

New IP Address:
Hong Kong;

How to change IP Address? to change Ip Address on the file (pbk); Click Properties > General > Hostname or IP Address , here you can change IP Address

To setup VPN for Windows you can set manually:

setup vpn for Windows 7

And at final, if you like a special location and service for VPN, please share us your opinion, we try to get it for next time, Although Noodle VPN add new server (famous locations ) every month.

Noodle VPN locations that you can connect:
USA (Atlanta, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, North Carolina, Texas, Los Angeles, Ohio,Washington Seattle, Florida Miami, Delaware, Rochester), Canada (Quebec)
UK/England (London, Manchester) , France (Roubaix) , Germany (Frankfurt , Bayern),
Netherlands (Amsterdam), Sweden (Stockholms), Switzerland (Zurich), Spain (Madrid) , Italy (Milan), Russia (Saint Petersburg),
Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney)


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About NoodleVPN

Did you know your ISP can Block anything on your Internet line if you don't have a NoodleVPN?  For ISP too expensive or imposible decrypt OpenVPN , Cisco vpn , Kerio vpn. Only NoodleVPN give you all this protection in one package!

VPN Multiple Logins 

Order a VPN with 5 Logins! Yes 5 users can connect the VPN at same time. 

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