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Dear Noodle VPN Users

In direction of development Noodle VPN services to new protocols, we added ikev2 VPN to all vpn servers, and you can connect to protocols:

ikev2, pptp, IPSec, OpenVPN and  CiscoVPN

Ikev2 feautures:

– Faster than PPTP, SSTP and L2TP, as it does not involve the overhead associated with Point-to-Point protocols (PPP)

– Very stable – especially when switching network or reconnecting after a lost internet connection

– Very secure – supports AES 128, AES 192, AES 256 and 3DES ciphers

– Easy to setup (at least at the user-end!)

-Ikev2 is available for iOS systems as well Apple devices does not support pptp and best VPN service is ikev2 for Apple users

Best VPN protocol for Apple users is Ikev2 (Apple devices does not support PPTP newly, so ikev2 is instead of pptp)

– Protocol is supported on Blackberry devices

– Uses Perfect Forward Secrecy

Which servers support Ikev2?
– All Noodle VPN Servers


please note: IPSec at here is different with L2TP/IPSec. This IPSec does not support by Windows, but it has a good service (IPSec) for Android and Apple IOS. Android and Apple IOS users can select protocol “IPSec Xauth PSK) on devices (setting > More > VPN > Add VPN Network > Type selec: “IPSec Xauth PSK“). IPSec pre-shared key: 88664431

setup all vpn protocols on All Devices & OS:

Servers Location on Noodle VPN:
USA – San Francisco
USA – New york
USA – Rochester
USA – Texas
USA – Los Angeles
USA – Washington
USA – Miami
USA – Atlanta
USA – North Carolina
USA – Ohio
USA – Chicago
Canada – montreal
England – London
France Paris
Swotzerland – Zurich
Spain – Madrid
Germany – Frankfurt

Italy – Milan
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Sweden – Stockholm
Russia – Saint petersburg
Japan – Tokyo
Hong Kong
Australia – Sydney

By purchasing a Static VPN or Dedicated VPN, you have access to all locations and services.

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