vpn means virtual private network.

You are online on Internet and for example you are in China now, so your location on Intrernet is China and all websites, softwares, Organization and anything on Internet (Global Network) know you are in China with your real IP. You can hide your real IP/ Location (China). so you buy a vpn (like noodlevpn) and connect the vpn ,when you connect the server vpn , you surf the web by the server (here New York) on all Internet (Network), for example you connect to New York VPN so your Ip/ Location change to New York and your real ip will be hiden.

Note: if you want be anonymously 100%, so buy vpn with Bitcoin or Perfect Money.

Noodle VPN accepts payments by Paypal, Webmoney wmz, Bitcoin, Dogcoin, Perfect Money.

continue about VPN in part 2.

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