setup ikev2 vpn on Android

How to setup ikev2 vpn on Android

Setup IKEv2 VPN on Android

  1. Download and import NoodleVPN Root CA and ssl
  2.  Install StrongSwan VPN Client from Google Play OR  download StrongSwan APK (latest version).
  3. In StrongSwan app, Input VPN username, password and server IP address.


Installation instructions

  1. On your Android device,  download / install certificate and cert2
  2. Install StrongSwan VPN Client from Google Play or download StrongSwan APK manually.
  3. Run StrongSwan app you installed.

Input Profile Name: Give it a name to identify this connection
Server: Enter hostname ( IP address) that Emailed you.
Type: IKEv2 EAP (Username/Password)
Username: Your VPN Username
Password: Your VPN Password
Hit Save.